SHENMZ Galaxy Note 5 Replacement Battery 3600mAh

SHENMZ Galaxy Note 5 Replacement Battery 3600mAh

The  SHENMZ Galaxy Note 5 Replacement Battery is compatible with Galaxy Note 5 N920V (Verizon), N920A (AT&T), N920T (T-Mobile), N920P (Sprint), and N920R4 (US Cellular).
This battery is not only made of world-class Lithium polymer battery cells, but also its battery capacity is up to 3600mAh and will provide you over 600 charging cycles with high-speed and efficient charging.

Just like every efficient battery replacement, this battery here is also tested by the staff to ensure high capacity and highly efficient PCB to match original standards. This product also guarantees the highest security protections, such as overcharging protection, overheating protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, highly effective temperature control, battery cell PTC protection.

Furthermore, the Dual IC design ensures that your battery won't fail under any circumstances. If you decided to purchase this, please be reminded that its full performance and longevity are only achieved after 3 to 5 complete charge and discharge cycles. It may take a long while to achieve its full capacity, but we guarantee you that the results will be worth it!

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