Replace The Battery For iPhone 5C For Better Performance

The iPhone 5C featured a slight design change from the iPhone 5 and had a cuter design with a few bright color options, which isn’t available in any other iPhone. Surely this one’s a keep, right?

If you definitely feel this way, then keeping your iPhone 5C running for a long time can become a challenge, especially if it has a rapidly discharging battery due to over use. The best option is to change the battery for iPhone 5C and replacing it with a new one, otherwise you will always be tethered to the wall charging your phone.

BELTRON Replacement Battery for iPhone 5C/ 5S - 1560 mAh

The BELTRON Replacement Battery for iPhone 5C/ 5S has a 1560 mAh capacity and works great as a replacement for the original one. It works with all the GSM and CDMA models of the iPhone 5C/ 5S, as well as all colors and carriers, but please not that it will not work with the iPhone 5.

The battery doesn’t come with a tool kit needed to replace the battery and it will have to be bought separately. The product will come as a brand new battery in BELTRON packaging along with a warranty. To check the authenticity of the battery, look for the BELTRON hologram.

ScandiTech Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S/ 5C - 1560 mAh

The ScandiTech Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S/ 5C is a high capacity 3.8V 1560 mAH Li-ion battery that is compatible only with the iPhone 5S and 5C models and not iPhone 5. It is easy to install and comes with a set of helpful tips and instructions that will give you the best ways to get the maximum out of your new battery.

The installation and replacement of this new battery will in no way harm or delete any data on the iPhone. The tools necessary for the process are also provided with the battery and requires minimum to no technical skills.

uRepair Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S

The uRepair Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S is a zero cycle battery that comes with a complete tool kit to help you replace the battery properly and easily, without causing any harm to the iPhone.

It is a high-end repair kit that works for the GSM and CDMA iPhone 5S models – A1533, A1457 and A1453. It also comes with an easy to understand repair flowchart with step-by-step instructions and a full 1-year warranty.

Top Replacement Battery For iPhone 5S

Even the best iPhone batteries can do with a little push and some extra juice. Since most of us carry our world on our iPhone it becomes important to keep it charged and working at all times.

But how is it possible to be stuck to a wall charger when your battery starts running out too fast? Excessive use of the phone can lead to a fast discharging battery that may not last as long as it did when you first bought the iPhone.

If you love your current iPhone and don’t feel like upgrading, then here are some options as replacement battery for iPhone 5S.

Battery+ Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S - 1558mAh

The Battery+ Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S is compatible with only the Apple iPhone 5S, and does not fit iPhone 5. It is a zero cycle and brand-new battery that is 3.8V 1558mAh Li-ion, allowing users to replace an older one and increasing the battery life of the phone.

The replacement battery comes with a set of tools that will help you in changing the battery easily and without then need for technical assistance.

TechAhead Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S/ 5C

The TechAhead Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S/ 5C comes with a 0 cycle count and is completely brand new. The battery is of great quality and has been made using premium materials. It is compatible with all carriers and colors of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 C only and not with the iPhone 5.

The battery comes along with the necessary tools and parts that are required to open the iPhone and replace the battery, as the process is internal and will require some very minimal technical skills.


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