Best iPhone 6 Battery Cases


Best iPhone 6 Battery Cases

Elongating the life of your iPhone's battery is a dream that every Apple device user has. With the rampant use of applications and phone functionalities, it is next to impossible to keep the battery for iPhone 6 powered through the whole day. But when you are too busy to sit next to a wall socket and wait for you phone to charge, a battery case can come in handy.

Battery cases are great for 2 reasons - they will increase the phone's battery life, and also keep it completely protected.

With the case frame of battery cases, they have a hard outer shell that keeps the phone protected from all sides and averts accidental dents and scratches, all the while charging your iPhone when necessary. This also reduces the cumbersome need to carry wires and chargers around with you!

Here's a list of some great battery cases for the iPhone 6. Alternately, you can also have a look at replacement battery for iPhone 6, incase you wish to change the original battery. 

QTshine Charging Case for iPhone 6 – 6000mAh

QTshine Charging Case for iPhone 6

The QTshine Charging Case for iPhone 6 features a powerful 6000mAh built-in lithium polymer battery that can give your iPhone a 2 full charges. As the charger is also a case, it helps in keeping the phone completely protected as well, providing dual benefits.

It is a convenient option that lets users access all the phone’s functions without having to remove the battery case. The case even features built-in LED battery level indicator, and convenient cutouts for all controls.

Swaller Battery case for iPhone 6 – 4500mAh

Swaller Battery case for iPhone 6

Swaller Battery case for iPhone 6 looks simple, sleek and has a no-frills design that doesn’t add any extra bulkines.

It is available in a number of attractive and bright colors. It has a 4500mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery and can provide up to 15 hours of talk time or about 10 hours of Internet surfing. Its 360° comprehensive bumper design with a hard-shell back plate keeps the iPhone completely safe from accidents. It features a LED battery level indicator and comes with a 1-year limited warranty by Trianium.