Best Replacement Battery For iPhone 3GS


Best Battery For iPhone 3GS

To keep your iPhone 3GS running its not a good idea to keep using the original battery it came with. Over time, the battery starts to lose its capacity and begins discharging quicker than before.

To avoid this and have a better battery life your iPhone, buying a replacement battery can be a good idea. As the iPhone’s don’t have an accessible back, the battery needs to be replaced by opening up the back. This needs tools and a certain level of expertise. Some of the batteries come with the required tools, while some don’t.

Here are some of the best replacement batteries to choose from.

Winnerplusa Replacement Battery for iPhone 3GS

Winnerplusa Replacement Battery for iPhone 3GS

The Winnerplusa Replacement Battery for iPhone 3GS is a Strength Replacement Battery that is a great replacement for iPhone 3GS batteries that have been over charged or dying battery cells.

It works with the model - A1303. With a higher battery capacity, this Lithium Ion replacement battery for iPhone 3GS has voltage of 3.7V and duration of 4.51Wh, The tools needed for the replacement come with this kit for easy replacement..