Best Replacement Battery For Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime


Best Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement
Battery Check Current Price
SHENMZ Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery - 3600mAh
Acevan Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement - 3300mAh
Amyant Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery - 3500mah

Samsung phones are made to last with their durability and sturdy frame as well as advanced technology that ensures longevity. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the battery present in the phones. Due to the heavy and constant use, our mobile phones go through on a daily basis, it is impossible to make sure your battery works optimally throughout the phone’s life.

This is when getting a battery replacement can help turn your phone back to its original excellence! Elongate your battery life and maximize your smartphone’s use by replacing it with one that is fully compatible and helps restore your phone’s processes and functions.

What are the best battery replacement options for the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime?

SHENMZ Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery - 3600mAh

SHENMZ Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery - 3600mAh

The SHENMZ Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery is the perfect spare to use when you need to change and upgrade your present one. This Lithium Ion replacement battery comes with a 3600mAh capacity and has a Voltage of 3.85V. These batteries are made using the latest technology to ensure the best possible charge per cycle. This is possible due to the special IC chip incorporated into the design that lengthens battery life and prevents overcharging.

The SHENMZ Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery uses Grade A cells that provide a longer battery life over 600 charge cycles. Made using original technology, this battery will work perfectly with your Samsung smartphone while allowing you to conveniently upgrade. All the batteries are made under strict quality control and testing guidelines with CE and Rohs certification.

Prevent short-circuiting, overheating, overcharging, or discharging.
Grade A+ rated replacement battery cells that ensure perfect functioning.
3.85V Lithium-Ion battery that provides over 600 cycles.

Compatibility -
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (2017) SM-J727, J727 (Verizon and AT&T), J727T1 (MetroPCS), J727R4 (U.S.Cellular), J7 Prime SM-J727T (T-Mobile and MetroPCS). Does not work with Galaxy J7 (2015 Ver).

Package Includes -
1 x SHENMZ Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery - 3600mAh
1 x 12-Month warranty and customer service

Battery type


Acevan Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement - 3300mAh

Acevan Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement - 3300mAh

The Acevan Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement is produced, manufactured, and tested under strict quality control guidelines and standards. It uses grade A+ battery cells that are CE and ROHS certified for providing a longer-lasting battery life along with high-speed and efficient charging.

The high-quality Acevan Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery comes with a special built-in microchip that regulates the charging cycles and prevents over-charging, short-circuiting, over-discharging, and over-heating. Perfectly compatible with the Samsung phone it is advertised for, this product also comes with a 3-year warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee so you are completely satisfied with your purchase!

High-speed, efficient charging replacement battery.
Grade A+ battery cells that are  CE and ROHS certified.
3-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Compatibility -
Compatible with Samsung part numbers - EB-BJ710CBC, EB-BJ710CBU, and EB-BJ710CBE. Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016), SM-J710, Galaxy J7 Prime (2017) SM-J727, SM-J710F, SM-J710H, SM-J710P, SM-J710T, SM-J710DS, SM-J710M, SM-J710GN, SM-J710K, SM-J7108, SM-J727A (AT&T), SM-J727V (Verizon), SM-J727T Prime (T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile), SM-J727R (US Cellular)
SM-J727U (Unlocked), SM-J727F, SM-J727S, Galaxy J7 Perx SM-J727P (Sprint, Boost, Virgin Mobile), and Galaxy Halo J727AZ (Cricket).
It does not work with Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 and J7 2018.

Package Including

1 x New Galaxy J7 Replacement Battery
1 x USB Cable 2.0 ( Gift )
1 x Manual
1 x 3 years warranty

Battery type


Amyant Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery - 3500mah

Amyant Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery - 3500mah

The Amyant Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery is made of Lithium-Ion and comes with a capacity of 3500mAh and 3.85V voltage. Using Grade A+ cells, it will give users around 500 plus charge cycles, rendering their smartphone as good as new! The high speed and efficient charging ensure that your phone is maximizing its usage and getting a safe performance.

A special chip present in the Amyant Galaxy J7 Prime Replacement Battery makes sure you get enhanced use time or standby time without over-heating or over-using the battery causing it to short circuit. The batter also comes with a 2-year warranty and great customer service in case you have any issues. Please note that the battery does not support NFC technology. 

3500mAh battery with a voltage of 3.85V that provides 500 plus charge cycles.
High speed and efficient charging to maximize battery usage.
24-month warranty with great customer service.

Compatibility -
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017 Ver), SM-J727, R4 J727T1, J7 Prime SM-J727T, J7 Perx, J7 Sky Pro, and J710. not for J700 J7/2015 Ver

Package Includes -
1 x New battery 
1 x Card
1 x 24-month warranty

Battery type


How to replace your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime battery?

Products you will need -
plastic triangle opening tool 
nylon spudger 
SIM card ejection tool 
fine tip curved tweezers 
precision knife 
premium 2-millimeter red adhesive roll 
multi-purpose heat gun
professional Phillips screwdriver
playing cards

Step 1 -
Ensuring your phone’s battery level is below 25%, switch it off.

Step 2 - 
Remove the SIM card along with the SIM card tray, as well as the MicroSD card and tray from the other side of the phone with the SIM card ejection tool.

Step 3 -
The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime phone’s 5.5-inch display screen is solidly glued on with a tight fit on the frame. To loosen it up, apply heat to the edges and soften up the adhesive.

Step 4 -
Using the precision knife, make enough space to insert a playing card inside and use the card to slice through the sticky adhesive, carefully decoupling the screen from the phone’s frame.

Step 5 -
Since the display assembly is still connected to the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime phone, don’t remove it completely. Slowly remove the bracket that covers the display cable and detach it from the motherboard to free the screen.

Step 6 -
Next, peel off the 3 pieces of black tape and then move on to removing the 16 Phillips screws present on the phone.

Step 7 -
The mid-frame of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime phone is snugly secured using press-fit notches. Use the triangle opening tool to release the clips and separate them from the back enclosure.

Step 8 -
Next, move the phone's loudspeaker up from its housing and also remove ribbon cables that house the volume button switches on one side and the power button on the other. These are securely nuzzled in the rear case and need to be removed with care.

Step 9 -
Disconnect the 3 cables at the top from the motherboard. Remove the 2 Phillips screws you see and lift out the motherboard from the frame. 

Step 10 -
The next item to be removed is the home button and fingerprint scanner that is housed in the mid-frame right next to the battery.

Step 11 -
Still using the tweezers, remove the cable array including the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, a signal cable as well as the capacitive sensor for the bottom back button.

Step 12 -
We have finally arrived at the main component to be removed and replaced. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime battery is stuck in place using a strong adhesive. Using the triangle opening tool, free it from the adhesive and carefully push out the battery from the frame. 

Step 13 -
Replace the old battery for the new one and start assembling the phone back in reverse order!

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