RAVPower Galaxy Note 4 Battery 3220mAh

RAVPower Galaxy Note 4 Battery 3220mAh

The RAVPower Replacement Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a great replacement for the original as it is compatible with a number of models and curriers - N910, N910U 4G LTE, N910V(Verizon), N910T(T-Mobile), N910A(AT&T), N910P(Sprint) Without NFC. The Li-ion battery has a 3220 mAh capacity with 3.85V voltage.
It has a capacity of 3220 mAh with a voltage of 3.85V and the li-ion battery can last a long time. Made with Grade A+ battery cells it provides superior efficiency and protection against overcharging and heating. It is also CE, FCC and ROHS certified and comes with "WARRANTY: 18+12 month, Worry-free Warranty"

Battery type



3220 mAh