SUNZOS Galaxy S5 Replacement 3200mAh Battery

SUNZOS Galaxy S5 Replacement 3200mAh Battery

The SUNZOS Galaxy S5 Replacement Battery is a great replacement for your original Samsung battery. It is completely compatible with all the Galaxy S5 models and carrier services.

The battery Grade A cells ensure longer battery life ( 500+ cycles ) and high-speed, efficient charging. It is a perfect match to the specifications of the original Samsung Galaxy S5 battery and also extends the battery life, but having an increased capacity of 3200 mAh and voltage of 3.85V.

Using Grade A+ battery cells will surely mean you get more phone time with this better. This battery also comes with extended 3-year warranty: "SUNZOS aims to reach the highest limits of customer service excellence! If you are unsatisfied or unhappy with our products, we guarantee you an exchange or refund within 3 years!"

Pros -

  • 500 plus cycles with high-speed and efficient charging
  • Comes with extended 3-year warranty

Cons -

  • Higher price point than other replacement options

Battery type



3200 mAh