Trswyop iPhone 6/6s portable Charging Case – 8500mAh

Trswyop iPhone 6 portable Charging Case 8500mAh

The Trswyop iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus Protective Charging Case looks simple, sleek and has a no-frills design that doesn’t add any extra bulk to the beautiful phone and you can charge it with a single cable without removing your phone from the case at any time. You can also charge the iPhone and the case at the same time using the included microUSB cable. It is available in classic black and rose gold.

It has a 8500mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery and can provide up to 24+ hours of talk time or about 12+ hours of Internet surfing. Its 360° comprehensive bumper design with a hard-shell back plate keeps the iPhone completely safe from accidents. It features a 4 LED indicator that will show you how much power is left (25%-50%-75%-100%).

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