ZURUN Galaxy Note 5 Replacement Battery 3300mAh

ZURUN Galaxy Note 5 Replacement Battery 3300mAh

This battery is perfect for different Galaxy Note 5 versions such as Galaxy Note 5 N920V(Verizon), N920A(AT&T), N920T(T-Mobile), N920P(Sprint), and N920R4 (US Cellular). 
Each battery is made from new high-quality Lithium polymer battery cells, connector, and PCBA and. In addition to that, every battery is tested by their staff to ensure high battery capacity and performance so that the replacement battery would be on par with the original battery.

This battery guarantees the same battery capacity and performance that your smartphone had during the first time you brought it home. 
You’re also in for a treat because this battery is packed with the highest security protection!

The protection includes overcharging protection, overheating protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, highly effective temperature control, battery cell PTC protection. 

Lastly, this product assures you that you would not encounter much trouble in installing the battery! They also offer a two-year warranty! Battery quality issues? Not to worry, your battery could be replaced within three months of purchase. They will also not leave you in the dark because their customer service will never hesitate you help you out with your concerns!

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