LCLEBM Battery Replacement For iPhone 7 - 2600mAh

LCLEBM Battery Replacement For iPhone 7 - 2600mAh

The LCLEBM Replacement Battery For iPhone 7 comes as a brand new zero cycle battery that can go on for over 1000 charge cycles with its high capacity 2600mAh battery. It offers 100% compatibility with your original Apple iPhone 7 smartphone and will allow efficient and fast charging as well. The high-quality Lithium Polymer battery cell helps prevent short-circuiting or overcharging and heating with its upgraded double fuses instead of just one. The company offers 1 Year warranty as well as 30 days money-back guarantee.
Pros -

  • Made with high-quality Lithium Polymer battery cell, connector, and PCBA.
  • Comes with a built-in smart chip for regulating battery power.
  • The package includes a professional tool kit and an instruction manual.

Cons -

  • Heats up quite a bit when the phone is overused.
  • Self-installation is still challenging with the given tools.

Compatibility -
100% compatible with Apple iPhone 7 Models - A1660, A1778, A1779. Does not work with iPhone 6,6S, 8, 6 Plus, 6S Plus,7 Plus or 8 Plus, or other Apple phone.
Package includes -
1 x Waterproof Seals Adhesive
1 x A Set of Adhesive
1 x Screwdriver tools 
1 x Metal Spudger 
1 x Metal Tweezer 
1 x Triangle opening tool 
1 x Suction Cup 
1 x Pentalobe Screwdriver (0.8mm)
1 x Cross Screwdriver (1.5mm) 
1 x Retrieve Card Pin

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